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Planet Solar is one of very few companies in the US to offer the Tesla Powerwall whole home battery storage product. Finally, you have a solution to never be without power ever again! This collaboration brings Planet Solar's deep experience with solar PV and battery back-up energy systems, and Tesla's leading knowledge in energy storage systems. With Tesla's 3 billion miles of proven battery technology, and Planet Solar's 20+ years of installing off-grid and battery back-up PV systems, we can deliver energy that is less expensive than your utility company, is 100% renewable, and will never leave you in the dark.

Condominiums and High Rise Apartments. For buildings without full building backup generators, this is the first and only option ever available to provide you uninterrupted, reliable electricity during a power outage. Unlike other batteries, Powerwall can be installed indoors or out, and provides power during 95% of the power outages you are likely to encounter. And if you want the security of having power during long power outages (like are possible after a hurricane), simply add more units at a very reasonable cost.


With Solar

Your solar system will generate energy during the day to partially or fully power your home. Surplus energy generated from the solar panels during the day is then stored in the Tesla Powerwall, giving you “24 Hours a day of Sunshine”. But rest assured that on those days when you need a bit of extra electricity, you are still tied to the utility company who will provide all the power that you need. And it all happens seamlessly, unnoticeably, and with no power glitches.

Without Solar

Although we highly prefer installing Powerwall coupled to a solar PV system, it is finally possible to provide reliable power for applications where installing a solar system is not possible, like condominiums. We simply connect your Powerwall to the grid, which will keep the unit charged until needed. Then during a power outage, the important items in your apartment like refrigerator, TV, and fans are powered until the grid is restored. Then the unit is charged back up to full capacity and ready for the next time. The only difference in the installation is that you won’t have the actual solar panels, and we will need to find a location to mount the unit in your apartment that you like. Fortunately, the Powerwall is takes up very little space, and looks more like a work of art than an appliance.

Basic Powerwall Facts

There are a few things to remember with Powerwall, or any energy storage system. First, it is a battery - something you are very familiar with. Just like flashlight or computer batteries, it won't provide you an infinite amount of power. You won't be running your air conditioner, doing laundry, or running your pool with a Powerwall. Instead, it will provide you with essential power for items like your refrigerator, TV, internet, fans, a few plugs to charge your phones and laptops, and some lights when the grid goes down, up to about 3,000 watts of power. For typical homes, one Powerwall will last for up to 6 hours, which is longer than 95+% of all grid failures. If you would like longer duration, or wish to power more items (even an efficient room air conditioner), you just need to add more Powerwalls.

Second, and very important - the Powerwall is simply an energy storage device. It’s a battery. It is certainly the world's most sophisiticated and reliable battery, but it makes DC power, and your home requires AC power.
A complete Powerwall system requires:

  • A DC to AC inverter to convert the DC power into AC that your home can use. This device has about the same cost as the actual Powerwall.
  • We will need to do a bit of re-wiring of your home, to create the backup loads panel so you are only powering the loads you want to have running during a power outage.
  • An automatic transfer switch (ATS) so that your home is disconnected from the grid during a power outage (lest you power your entire neighborhood and drain your battery in minutes)
  • Normal electrical items, such as an AC disconnect, wiring, conduit
  • Installation by our licensed electrician.

This all adds to the cost of a complete home battery installation. Fortunately, with the industry-changing value that Powerwall offers, this solution is now within reach of an average homeowner’s budget.

Only Tesla Authorized Resellers are allowed to sell and install the Powerwall.

Powerwall is a Tesla Energy storage solution which can be installed with new and existing solar systems, as well as a stand alone backup energy system for your home or apartment when solar is not possible. With 6.4kWH of usable energy, the Powerwall has sufficient capacity to meet the important loads of most homes during a power outage event, or for the majority of a home’s usage during the evenings when the solar panels are not producing power. Contained within the Powerwall’s outdoor-rated enclosure is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a liquid thermal management system, and battery management system, and a smart DC-DC converter for controlling power flow.

Currently, Tesla and its inverter provider SolarEdge support up to two (2) Powerwalls be installed per system, which is a great deal of power. But soon even more units can be combined, so that entire homes can be powered without worry of running out of power. At the present time, Tesla does NOT support off-grid systems.

The Powerwall has 10 year, 3650 cycle, 100% discharge performance warranty, with a four year workmanship warranty – drastically beating other battery suppliers. Your Planet Solar PV system is guaranteed for 12 years, the longest warranty in America. Together, we will provide you years of the most reliable, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive energy available in the 21st century. Guaranteed.
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'I chose Planet Solar because they were the most professional and knowledgable company we found. Their price was great, and the installers were really hard working and friendly, and kept me informed through the whole process. We've already recommended you to friends.'

- Gary S. Montecito, CA